By Louisa Moller

BROCKTON (CBS) – The owner of Modern Autobody in Brockton wants the public to be on the lookout after he says a thief stole one of his dump trucks, took it for a joyride, and caused thousands of dollars in damage.

Fran Fistori first got word that a truck had crashed into the fence at his business early Monday morning. When he checked his surveillance video, the longtime Brockton businessman says he was astonished.

Surveillance video shows truck stolen from Modern Autobody in Brockton (WBZ-TV)

“And lo and behold, I found that the guy had stolen the truck, taken it for a ride, and brought it back,” Fistori said.

First, Fistori says the suspect cut through fence and unsuccessfully, attempted to hotwire a front-end loader and an army truck.

Next, surveillance video shows the perp stealing the dump truck and smashing it through the fence, only to return 45 minutes later.

Truck stolen from Modern Autobody in Brockton (WBZ-TV)

“He drove it like he knew how to drive heavy equipment very well,” Fistori says.

Fistori says two other local businesses dealt with similar incidents last week.

Police say no arrests have been made at this time and they are still investigating.

Louisa Moller