By Christina Hager

MARBLEHEAD (CBS) – “Both of those windows were cracked through,” said Alex Hortaridis, as he pointed to his 13-year-old daughter’s bedroom window. “The boulder went through her window, and well, she wakes up screaming again.”

Security cameras at the front door of his eighteenth century Marblehead home on Elm Street caught the vandals in action. Marblehead Police posted part of it on their Facebook page, asking for the public’s help.

Vandal caught on camera throwing rock at Marblehead home (WBZ-TV)

It shows a male hurl something at a front window and then run away. Two separate incidents at 2:45 a.m. on August 2 and at midnight July 30 left shattered glass around the windowsill. On a third night, Hortaridis says the vandals threw an egg.

“We’re waking up in the middle of the night thinking we’re hearing things that are not there,” said Hortaridis. “We’re thinking we’re hearing glass breaking. My daughter’s screaming.”

Alex Hortaridis points at window damaged by vandals in Marblehead (WBZ-TV)

Across the street, there’s a heavy cobblestone paver missing from a curb, which Hortaridis says the vandal threw. “That rock hits her in the head, would have killed her. It’s not a joke. You’re affecting people’s lives. You’re affecting a family. You’re affecting everybody under that roof. Now you’re affecting the whole community.”

Marblehead Police say the damage to the property makes it a felony crime, and they’re asking anyone with information to call.

“We’re not sleeping,” Hortaridis said. “None of us are sleeping.”

Christina Hager


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