NEW YORK (CBS) — A New York man is suing Rachael Ray’s dog food brand for $5 million, saying it contains a dangerous chemical.

The Wrap reports the lawsuit accuses “Nutrish” of marketing its food as natural but that an independent lab test shows it contains glyphosate, a chemical found in weed killer.

“Rachael Ray Nutrish holds itself out to the public as a trusted expert in the sourcing and processing of dog food,” the lawsuit states. “No reasonable consumer would expect this controversial and potentially harmful synthetic chemical to be present in ‘Natural’ dog food.”

Parent company Smucker sent a statement to The Wrap saying that “we never use ingredients in our products that harm pets” and added that the company plans to “aggressively defend ourselves against this misleading lawsuit.”


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  1. Even if some glysophate got into the dog food (and apparently there is some in most dog foods because, thanks to monsanto it’s in rice and corn, etc. no matter how carefully grown) and is not the fault of the animal food maker – but in order to be poisonous to pets, there would also have to be sodium nitrite in the food as a preservative and IS in some pet foods, but guess what? NOT in Nutrish. Someone’s trying to get rich at Rachel Ray’s expense. I say go after Monsanto and maybe Purina ….leave Rach alone

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