WEBSTER (CBS) – Security camera footage from a Webster brewery shows the power of the EF-1 tornado that tore through the Main Street area on Saturday.

Kretschmann Brewery & Beer Garden on Frederick Street shared video to Facebook of the tornado’s winds ripping apart a tent in their outdoor beer garden.

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“You can clearly see that this storm was no joke,” the brewery wrote.

The tornado’s winds ripped apart the beer garden’s tent. (Image credit: Kretschmann Brewery & Beer Garden)

Brewery owner Brian Kretchman decided to take a look at the surveillance video on Monday. It starts off with just some rain, but it gets darker as the tornado moves closer to the brewery’s beer garden.

“When I did see the video I didn’t realize how powerful that tornado would actually be,” said Brian Kretchman.

The video shows debris flying through the air as fierce winds tear a large tent to pieces. The brewery said they were fortunate that they only lost the tent. The gusts flipped over one of their fire tables, but it was not damaged.

“Just seeing the amount of power that was here was a little shocking,” Kretchman said.

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Five cameras around the business caught the tornado from different angles. The whole thing lasted about a minute and a half.

An aerial view of the damage in Webster, August 4, 2018. (Image credit: David Curran – Satellite News Service)

“All of a sudden like a lightning bolt the worst part comes through, giant twisting of the water and rain, massive white out condition and you kind of see the tent top explode and fly away,” said Kretchman.

The tornado brought heavy winds, damaging several Main Street buildings, some already torn down, others now condemned, displacing dozens in town.

Kretchman is now giving back to others in town impacted by the storm.

“We’re going to allow people to bring items in we can distribute to some of the people that might need them in town,” Kretchman said.

The brewery said their beer garden is closed until further notice, but the indoor taproom remained open.

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The National Weather Service said the tornado had a half-mile long, 300-yard wide path and winds of up to 110 mph.