By Lisa Gresci, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) — The father of a bicyclist involved in a hit-and-run crash Monday can’t believe the driver didn’t see his 20-year-old daughter. A dashcam on another car caught the collision on video.

The bicyclist’s parents can barely watch as the driver speeds off.

“They overtake her, cut her off, and hit her,” the woman’s father said.

What was much worse though, the phone call they got from their 20-year-old daughter just moments after she was hit.

“The call that you get is scary. You don’t know what’s happening. She was crying and tearful and shocked at the whole thing because she was in pain,” he said.

She was thrown from her bike and her things went flying but thanks to her helmet, backpack, and the way she landed, she walked away with scratches and scrapes.

A woman on a bicycle was hit by a red car in Jamaica Plain (WBZ-TV)

Still though, it is hard for her father to believe the driver didn’t see her.

“I mean you see a bicycle, it’s daytime, you’re coming on a rotary and those are areas of danger anyway,” he said.

At this point, her parents can only thank the man who captured the dashcam video. Especially for what he did next. “He said he thought about chasing them but he stops here so no other cars will hit her,” he said.

While police are investigating the cause of the accident, they say what is clear now is that this was a hit and run and the driver should have stopped.

“She is very lucky and we are very lucky,” he said.

If you recognize the car, call police.

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  1. Jackson Lee says:

    I’m sorry she got hit but it sure looks like she ran into the car. Either way neither one took the proper precaution at such a dangerous spot.

  2. The driver of the car should have stopped, no doubt. But it’s also clear from the video that the cyclist ran into the car. The girl neither looked for oncoming traffic nor signaled her intention to continue going left around the rotary.

    1. Brian Oley says:

      George Neuner, in what world are people expected to signal they they intend to continue with the flow of traffic? Can you even tell me what that signal is? If her intention was to turn or stop, she should have signaled, but when you are continuing with flow of traffic, you just continue with flow of traffic… Do you expect all cyclists to be pointing straight ahead of them as they ride down the road?

      1. She’s in the right lane, cutting to the left across the lane that continues to the right. That’s a turn. This is still absolutely no excuse for the driver of the car not to stop. If they had stopped, they stood against good chance of not even being found at-fault. Now they are going to be in court for hit-and-run.

  3. I agree the the cyclist ran into the car. The driver should have stopped none the less. Bikes should not be on the streets. Streets are for cars.

    1. what a stupid moron you are, really.

  4. I am a cyclist – been riding the streets of Boston for 20 years… she never looked – My FIRST rule of cycling on roads, YOU ARE INVISIBLE. The driver is criminally responsible fo not stopping, but the cyclist really needed to use more awareness of her environment.

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