BLANDFORD, Mass. (CBS/AP) — The entire four-member police department of a small western Massachusetts town has resigned, citing poor equipment and unsafe working conditions.

Interim Police Chief Roberta Sarnacki and three officers submitted their resignations in a letter to Blandford officials on Monday, effective immediately.

The officers said the town’s police cruisers are in such bad shape they often have to answer calls in their personal vehicles. They said their police radios don’t work in some parts of the town and bulletproof vests are beyond their expiration dates and fit poorly to begin with.

Town officials say emergency calls will be answered by Massachusetts State Police, which released a statement Tuesday saying it will “assume any additional duties required in the wake of the resignations of local officers.”

“The residents of Blandford may be assured that the State Police will continue to protect their community,” the agency said.

The officers on the force said they regret leaving the town without coverage, but have no other choice because their own safety has been put at risk.

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  1. The people in Western Massachusetts are really good people but they have been left behind by the coastal elites, who really basically don’t care if they starve to death.

  2. This is an example of what to expect with liberals in charge…

    1. This is the Far Left Dream Come True! They would like to get rid of ALL police so their precious illegals can run the store.

  3. Don McCoy says:

    At least THESE cops had the decency to quit.

    But all of the “honorable” rank and file FBI agents are supposed to maintain our respect and faith even though they continue to work under the corrupt brass who are STILL in charge!

    I’m tired of that excuse.

    If an LE agency is corrupt–be it local or Federal–the continued voluntary employment of the rank and file belies their tacit approval of the situation.

  4. Eric Jones says:

    I was with these police officers, right up until they said they “regretted” f—-ing the townsfolk and leaving them without any law enforcement. Yeah, right…….

  5. ricardoqueso says:

    This is unfortunate for the community in the short term, but I cannot fault the cops for their actions. This is how you create awareness and effect change, when all lesser efforts have been unsuccessful.

  6. Don Rhudy says:

    Ah, those wonderful back-east Democrat-controlled states and towns! How great can it get?

    1. The Governor’s a Republican, know-nothing…

  7. sounds like they are just holding the town hostage for a nice tax increase… all bullet-proof vests are can buy a new vest from Cabela’s at very little expense if you really need one…

  8. Caren Smith says:

    Have to wonder HOW MUCH $ the town council, all other ‘EXPENSES’ are Really going.. Waste Not, Want Not, old saying but Still Very Applicable….

  9. Thieves have Internet net too, better be on guard.

  10. Now these officers can go where they can ride in armored vehicles, get $100k per officer in new equipment and can go serve no show warrants unpaid traffic tickets with military type SWAT squads in style. And the benefits allow you to retire darned near millionaires after a long career. Yep ! They are headed to the East Coast BEFORE the Federalization of all U.S. LEO’s takes place.

  11. says:

    Can you blame police department’s personnel for acting out like this?

    Now, the same people who would not support them, will be the first to complain the loudest..

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