BOSTON (CBS) – It Happens Here: Boston’s West End. You are probably familiar with the high-rises, hospitals and Brutalist architecture of today’s West End, but it wasn’t always that way. West End was a proverbial melting pot, whose famous sons include actor Leonard Nimoy. Nimoy even named his boat “West End” to honor the neighborhood he credited for his success.

But did you know that in the 1950s, every West End resident was evicted, and the entire neighborhood was torn to the ground in the name of urban renewal? Kate Merrill takes a closer look at the unique history of West End in the video above.

ihhwestend2 It Happens Here: The Unique History Of Bostons West End

Boston’s West End, The Greatest Neighborhood This Side of Heaven (WBZ-TV)

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  1. The story is incomplete without mentioning the lawsuit over the city tearing down synagogues, but not churches. The city had to build the Boston Synagogue as a result.

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