BOSTON (CBS) — The start of training camp may be a few days away, but Tom Brady appears to be in midseason form.

Brady had some fun on social media Sunday, posting a video to his Instagram account of himself hitting former Patriots receiver Wes Welker with one final pass. The catch? Welker wasn’t the one running the route, as he was strapped to the back of a moving golf cart:

While Brady may have left the pass a tad bit short, forcing Welker to make a somewhat difficult catch, the quarterback gets style points for the Larry Bird-like point to the sky after making the throw.

Patriots veterans don’t have to report to Gillette Stadium for the start of training camp until Wednesday, but it appears Brady arrived on Sunday based on a comment he made on the team’s Instagram page. Chances are his receivers will not be strapped to the back of golf carts when workouts get underway.


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