METHUEN (CBS) – “It’s super dangerous,” Methuen Police Chief Joseph Solomon said of the “In My Feelings” challenge.

People are dancing to the popular Drake song and hopping out of the car when it’s moving.

“It’s only a matter of time before someone gets sucked into the wheels of the car or dragged or the driver who is recording it with their phone, hits somebody crossing the street,” he explained.

Methuen Police Chief Joseph Solomon (WBZ-TV)

Some get through the challenge. Others fall right away.

“It’s all about perception. One, your depth perception is off, the car is moving so you’re not sure how fast it is and then they all look so excited, so you’re not paying so much attention,” he added.

Police are really pointing out how dangerous this challenge can be whether you’re the driver or the passenger.

In some videos, the driver gets out.

“There’s still no one in the driver’s seat it’s unfortunate how dangerous this is,” he said.

When the passenger gets out, Chief Solomon points out the driver isn’t necessarily paying attention to the road or other cars because the driver is the one recording it.

“Other drivers think why is this person driving so slow? Then they aren’t seeing her and bang she’s hit by a car trying to pass,” he said.

“Someone panics and sees their friend fall. What do they do? They don’t hit the brake they always step on the gas and now you’re going 40 miles an hour dragging someone and a life is lost,” he explained.

Solomon understands people are just trying to have fun but he asks if people are interested in doing the challenge, do it when the car is off, parked and in a driveway or empty parking lot.

“Please don’t do it when the car is moving please do it in a safe area,” he said. “We just don’t want to see this one situation gone viral become tragic.”

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  1. He is JHOPE from BTS. Check his mixtape ‘HOPE WORLD’. It is really good and refreshing

  2. BTW Hoseok was doing it safetly in a parking lot.

  3. Listen do Love Yourself: Tear by BTS and Hope World by j-hope on spotify

  4. I’m so happy they used Hobi in this, He did it safely in a parking lot though

  5. they shouldn’t have used hoseok in this. The car started moving AFTER he was out of it, and he was in an empty parking lot. he knew he had to do it safely because he’s an international celebrity, and can’t risk injuries. This is dumb and disrespectful, he’s literally a professional dancer.

  6. Are you kidding me? He isn’t even American and you try to put his magnificent face as the cover of this challenge? You have no right… but hey you should listen to his mixtape: Hope World. Also try checking out BTS Fake Love