BOSTON (CBS) – Six-year-old Maliyah Rodriguez suffers from cerebral palsy and needs her customized wheelchair to get around.

Last Friday, as her mom was getting ready to leave their Brighton home, the wheelchair was stolen from her driveway. Their story has since gone viral, with strangers offering to help and someone even donating a similar wheelchair, but what they really need is to get the old one back.

Maliyah Rodriquez’s original wheelchair. (WBZ-TV)

Boston Police dropped off the donated wheelchair on Monday morning.

“Somebody dropped this off at the police station last night around three in the morning, so they brought it here today. It seems like a good fit for her,” said Gabriella Rodriguez, Maliyah’s mom.

“The other had two foot plates. Everything you could think of is customized,” she said. “Just drop it off somewhere, anyone would be able to recognize it at this point around here, so just give it back.”

The family is now working with their insurance company to replace the chair, but the process could take up to six months.


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