BOSTON (CBS) –The Celtics-Lakers rivalry has been dormant for a few years, but maybe having LeBron James in the mix will help ramp it back up.

At least it appears that’s what the Lakers president is gunning for this summer.

Though James hasn’t even put on a Lakers jersey yet, murals have been popping up all over Los Angeles of The King in his new laundry. But many of them have been vandalized by Lakers fans who aren’t really thrilled to have James part of the franchise. At least that’s what most people thought when barbs like “We don’t want you” and “No King” or LeBron’s record in the NBA Finals (3-6) spray painted on those works of street art.

Lakers president Jeanie Buss has a different theory though, and is throwing shade at her team’s rivals from across the country.

“They’re not Laker fans,” Buss says. “I guess I just didn’t realize how many people from Boston live in Los Angeles.”

Good one, Jeanie. There are indeed Celtics fans out west, but they’re probably too busy following their own team to care about a LeBron James mural in some alley. But nothing hurts more than calling a Lakers fan a Celtics fan, and vice versa. Maybe that jab will get those “fans” to stop ruining (or depending on how you look at it, improving) the LeBron art in LA.


  1. Dave Schock says:

    Celtics fans are GLAD LeBron is on the Lakers–much less of an issue that if he joined Phily– this is silly stuff from LA

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