BOSTON (CBS) — Phantom recently purchased four pints of light mint chip ice cream at a local supermarket.  The cool and creamy contenders were Breyers Delights, Enlightened, Halo Top, and Proyo. See if you can guess which guilt-free brand ended up at the top of the food chain.

Proyo Low Fat Ice Cream (Phantom Gourmet)

Proyo finished in last place. This stuff was just weird all around. To start, the name Proyo might lead you to believe this is frozen yogurt, even though it’s ice cream.  It’s got a thick, icy consistency that’s more akin to slush, even though it’s ice cream. As for flavor, it’s so artificially sweet that it tastes less like mint and more like cotton candy, even though it’s ice cream.  In short, phantom says Proyo is a no go.

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Halo Top Mint Chip (Phantom Gourmet)

Next up is Halo Top.  At just 240 per pint, this is the lightest of the contenders. But when it comes to weight, it’s also the lightest, meaning you’re paying for more air and less ice cream than the other brands.  According to the package, the longer you let this stuff sit on the counter, the softer and creamier it gets, but when Phantom wants ice cream, he doesn’t want to wait. Once he finally did dig in, Phantom found halo top to be way too sweet, with not enough mint flavor, and barely any chocolate chips whatsoever.

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Breyers Delights (Phantom Gourmet)

The runner-up is Breyers Delights. Finally, a light ice cream that doesn’t taste fake.  With a thick consistency, a fair amount of chips, and solid mint flavor, a bowlful of this brand isn’t a bad choice. And with 310 calories per pint, it won’t ruin your diet either. Breyers has long made some of the better mass produced ice creams on the market, so it’s no surprise their light line is pretty good too.

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Enlightened Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (Phantom Gourmet)

At the top of the food chain is Enlightened. While some may scoff at its artificial green color, Phantom can easily overlook such issues when the ice cream is this delicious.  It’s smooth and creamy, coating your mouth with plenty of refreshing mint flavor. The chocolate chips are plentiful and well distributed, adding enjoyable flavor and texture to every spoonful. Best of all, with only 320 calories per pint, you can eat the whole thing without feeling bad about yourself. That’s why Enlightened mint chocolate chip ice cream is at the top of the food chain.