By Juli McDonald

NORWOOD (CBS) – A woman was beaten and robbed at a train station in Norwood. The victim says the two attackers, who are now under arrest, threatened to kill her.

“These guys were from Boston. We don’t know a lot about what they were doing out here. But they just turned on her and attacked her,” said Norwood Police Chief Bill Brooks.

In the pouring rain Tuesday evening, a 60-year-old woman waiting for the train took cover at the Windsor Gardens Commuter Rail station. Two young men stood near her.

“They just turned and assaulted her. They punched her, they put their hand over her mouth. They said they were going to kill her if she screams,” said Chief Brooks.

The suspects took cash and her purse and hopped the fence.

“As they ran away she had the presence of mind to snap a picture with a phone and she was able to send it to the officers, who sent it to other officers who were working the shift,” said Chief Brooks.

Less than a half hour later, Norwood Police saw two soaking wet men matching that description. They were walking not far from the train tracks.

“One of them actually had the victim’s license in his pocket,” said Chief Brooks. “He had marijuana in bags and he had cocaine and a digital scale. We allege that he was possessing both marijuana and cocaine with the intent to distribute.”

The victim identified the men at the police station. They were arrested and arraigned in Dedham. They’re being held pending a dangerousness hearing in late July.

Juli McDonald


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