WOBURN (CBS) – A Lowell man has been ordered under house arrest and to wear a GPS monitoring bracelet after allegedly stalking a co-worker for days.

Shaun Tyman, 32, of Lowell is charged with putting a GPS tracking device under the woman’s car in her Winchester driveway. Video surveillance from a neighbor on June 16 allegedly catches him also trying to break into her home.

“They saw someone at the screen door and stay there for at least six minutes. He appears to hold the screen door open trying to get the main entry door open,” said Middlesex County Assistant District Attorney Denise Flagg.

Shaun Tyman (WBZ-TV)

Police say he’s been stalking her for at least 12 days since June 7. When the video also shows him allegedly underneath her car on June 16, police say he was actually trying to recharge the battery. They say he had the device for some time and it proved his undoing. “They looked at the history of the device and it was activated as early as 2016. Numerous times it was recharged at an address that comes back to the defendant,” said Flagg.

The alleged victim came to Woburn District Court to confront Tyman and seek a restraining order. She told the judge she didn’t know him but now remembers his face and is terrified. “The entire time this was going on he was sitting behind me for the past month,” she said.

In an affidavit supporting the restraining order request she writes, “Having no idea or speculation of who the man could be or what he was after he has, and continues to cause me tremendous fear for my life and safety at all times.”

She says she has installed security cameras, additional locks and alarms at her home and hasn’t travelled anywhere alone for the past month. Tyman had no comment outside court where he was ordered to walk and test the GPS ankle bracelet. He’s been ordered to stay away from her at work and at home.