WEYMOUTH (CBS) — Vera Adams’ neighbors were heartbroken talking about her Monday, a day after she was shot and killed in her own home in a horrific incident that also took the life of a police officer.

Vera Adams. (Photo credit: Arlene Vieria)

Adams, 77, was in the sunroom of her house on Torrey Street Sunday morning when police say she was shot by Emanuel Lopes as he ran from Weymouth Police. They say Lopes had just killed officer Michael Chesna with Chesna’s gun before he fired at Adams’ home.

Authorities believe Lopes intentionally shot Adams through her sliding glass door after he saw her. Police initially thought she was hit by crossfire.

Lopes was shot by another officer and arrested.

“I’m devastated, I am, my kids are all devastated,” Sandra Boucher said.

Vera was married to Sandra Boucher’s brother Donald. Even though he passed away years ago, she always kept in touch with Vera.

Boucher couldn’t believe what she was seeing. “I saw the house, I said ‘Vera’s just been shot. I can’t believe it’ and he said ‘no it’s not her house, it’s not their house’ and I said ‘yea it is their house!’” Boucher explained.

Neighbors brought flowers, balloons and candles to Adams’ house Monday, many rattled by the entire experience.

Vera didn’t have any kids and lived alone. But her neighbors considered her a part of the family too.

A memorial outside Vera Adams’s home in Weymouth. (WBZ-TV)

Sue Nichols lives right next door to Adams. “It breaks my heart,” she said. “I’m looking out my window, like I’d see her in the kitchen, bopping around, you know. Her light was on, her upstairs light — just weird that she’s gone.”

Even those who didn’t know Vera feel close to her.

“I’m just very emotional about it,” Helen Thompson said in tears.

“It broke my heart, it broke my heart to know that an innocent lady died,” Matthew Ohrenberger said.

“It’s such a tragedy that’s why we wanted to come down and bring flowers,” Jane Galvin added.

A bullet-shattered window at the Weymouth home where Vera Adams was killed, July 15, 2018. (WBZ-TV)

Vera had just gotten back up on her feet after hurting her leg and even though she was 77, those who knew her, knew her spirit.

“She was a hot ticket, I really keep saying that, she had so much life to her she did so many things,” Nichols explained.

Now all they can do is find comfort that Vera died doing something she loved.

“In her home having a cup of coffee as she always did every morning sitting there 6:30 or 7, she’d sit out on her porch and have her coffee and who knew,” Boucher said.

Vera may have lived alone, but was cared for by many. Neighbors expect the memorial will get much bigger.

Lopes is due to be arraigned on two murder charges as early as Tuesday.

WBZ-TV’s Lisa Gresci contributed to this report.

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