WEYMOUTH (CBS) – The 20-year-old accused of killing Officer Michael Chesna and an elderly woman has a history with Weymouth Police.

Emanuel “Manny” Lopes was out on bail and on pre-trial probation at the time of the shootings, and even though he didn’t show up for a court ordered drug test in February and failed a drug test in April, his bail wasn’t revoked and he was allowed to stay on the street.

An I-Team investigation found the white BMW Emanuel Lopes was driving on Sunday when he allegedly murdered Weymouth Officer Michael Chesna and 77-year-old Vera Adams belongs to his girlfriend.

Emanuel “Manny” Lopes social media post (WBZ-TV)

Weymouth Police say in October 2017 Lopes sold cocaine to a minor and resisted arrest. He was released on bail and ordered to stay away from alcohol, drugs and medical marijuana. He failed to show up for a drug test in February and the I-Team obtained a copy of a court audio tape from an April hearing where his probation officer told the judge he tested positive for marijuana.

But Lopes’ bail wasn’t revoked. The Assistant District Attorney and probation officer did not ask that he be held. The I-Team found photos on posted on Lopes’ social media in April that appear to show him holding a bottle of alcohol and smoking what looks to be marijuana.

Emanuel “Manny” Lopes social media post (WBZ-TV)

Lopes, who uses the name Wright Simpson on social media, wrote dozens of rambling postings in the last several months and posted a profanity laced video tirade about President Trump on Instagram just one day before he allegedly shot and killed Officer Chesna and Vera Adams.

Lopes did go back to court in May and tested negative for drug use. His case was continued until July 30th. He is now in custody facing two counts of murder.

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  1. gotham23 says:

    “The Assistant District Attorney and probation officer did not ask that he be held.”

    So it has nothing to do with the judge at all.

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