WEYMOUTH (CBS) – The I-Team has learned that Emanuel Lopes was out on pre-trial probation on a drug charge when police say he shot and killed Weymouth Police Officer Michael Chesna and an innocent bystander Sunday morning.

Lopes was not ordered to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet following a 2017 drug arrest. A spokesperson for the probation department says she could not confirm if Lopes was in compliance with the conditions of his release.

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He will now be arraigned Monday on two counts of murder.

Emanuel Lopes’ mug shot from a 2017 drug arrest. (Image Credit: Weymouth Police)

Weymouth Police said Lopes was selling cocaine to a minor and resisted arrest when he was arrested in 2017. A judge released Lopes on pre-trial probation with the condition that he submit to random drug testing. He was due back in court on July 30.

Police say Lopes was driving a white BMW Sunday morning when he crashed and left the scene. The I-Team has learned that lopes is Facebook friends with the daughter of the woman who owns the car. The district attorney’s office did not say that the car was stolen.

Police photograph a damaged BMW driven by Emanuel Lopes before police say he shot and killed Officer Michael Chesna. (WBZ-TV)

The family lives less than five minutes from where police say Lopes shot and killed Officer Chesna with his own gun. Lopes also allegedly fired bullets into a nearby home, killing a woman inside.

Sources say Lopes uses a different name on Facebook and told officers at the time of his October arrest that he was homeless. He ran from police and was captured with the help of a police K-9 officer.

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  1. Alan Scott says:

    Judge should resign! If you are selling drugs to minors and resist arrest you deserve to be in jail NOT out on probation your honor!

  2. Just answer this: Was this P.O.S., Lopes, in the United States illegally. C’maaan, start reporting the truth!

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