HANSON (CBS) – An adventurous proposal started thousands of feet in the air and ended on the ground with a resounding “yes!”

The thrill seeking Pembroke couple are now set to get married after setting up a unique proposal.

“He’s always surprising me with something, like here I’m packing a bag, we’re going to go, get in the car and tells me nothing,” said Alissa Litchfield.

Ryan Richards proposes to Alissa Litchfield after jumping out of a plane (Courtesy video)

Alissa got the surprise of a lifetime last week after free-falling thousands of feet while skydiving in Hanson. A thrilling marriage proposal as she was preparing to land.

“I noticed it was him and a giant diamond ring balloon and I was like oh my God, and I just started crying,” she said.

Her boyfriend Ryan had dived first and was waiting on bended knee with a sign and of course the ring.

“As she’s coming down too, she was uttering the words ‘yes, yes’ and I hadn’t even asked her yet. She just saw the banner and she saw me obviously,” said Ryan Richards.

Alissa says she was overcome with adrenaline and emotion as her feet touched the ground.

Ryan Richards and Alissa Litchfield (WBZ-TV)

Ryan says he was ready to take the plunge and there was no better way to pop the big question than by skydiving, in memory of the couple’s friend, a paratrooper in the Army who died in March.

“I was so overcome. It was my dream proposal,” Alissa said. “I couldn’t think of a better way to do it honestly.”

Ryan had planned to propose last year until Alissa became pregnant with their daughter Mila Rae, who was born last month. The couple hopes to wed next summer on solid ground.


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