BOSTON (CBS) – Hailey Dawson took the field to thunderous applause Thursday evening, the Red Sox special guest throwing the first pitch in their game against the Blue Jays.

You’d think she’d be nervous, but this eight-year-old and her 3D printed robotic hand has quite the Major League resume. Hailey threw her first pitch when she was just five! She has a goal of throwing out the first pitch at all 30 MLB parks.

Hailey Dawson’s 3D printed hand (WBZ-TV)

“If you watch the Orioles one I’m just like la, la, la,” Hailey said of one of her previous pitches.

Fenway marks pitch #21 – and Hailey’s mom says watching her confidence grow has been priceless.

Hailey Dawson at Fenway Park (WBZ-TV

“She was born with Poland syndrome. All I ever wanted as a mom is her to be happy. To be confident, secure in who she is,” said Yong Dawson, Hailey’s mom. “She owns her hand. Her hand was missing fingers. It does not define her. She defines herself.”

And while Hailey loves the thrill of taking the field, and the autographs that come with each visit, she knows she’s inspiring people in every new city.

Hailey Dawson (WBZ-TV)

Hailey had a message for any kid who is dealing with something that makes them a little different. “If I can do it, you can do it. Never be afraid to ask. That’s all!” she said.


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