By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — LeBron James’ relationship with Lakers fans is officially off to a rocky start.

The superstar, who signed with the Lakers this month, took to Twitter on Tuesday to hint that he might be showing up to a pizza party in Culver City. The party was held at Blaze Pizza, a company in which James is an investor, and the party was held in celebration of LeBron’s signing.

LeBron didn’t exactly promise that he’d be there, but any reasonable person reading that tweet might surmise that James was planning an appearance at the Culver City location of Blaze Pizza. And as you might imagine whenever free pizza and celebrity sightings are involved, people showed up in droves.

While the fans (presumably) got their pizza, they never got their LeBron. He didn’t show up. No LeBron. Instead, LeBron appeared to be floating in a pool. On an inflatable doughnut.

Tough break for the fans.

One saddened LeBron supporter summed it all up very well:

That’s just about the best comment one could ever make on the situation. Kobe would have shown up. He would have been absolute jackwagon to us. But he would have at least rolled on through in his Lamborghini and made us feel good for a couple of seconds.

In any event, LeBron’s career as “LA-Bron” is off to a rough start. He’ll probably make it up to his fans by lip syncing hours upon hours of songs in his Instagram stories.

Kobe would never do that.


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