WALPOLE (CBS) – A Walpole newspaper office is temporarily shut down after one of its journalists received a specific threat. The woman accused of sending it is under arrest.

She’s been a journalist for 40 years, according to her attorney, but 64-year-old Amy Zuckerman is now accused of threatening to harm those in her own profession

Police say Zuckerman sent an email to a writer at The Walpole Times, accompanied by a detailed physical description of the newspaper’s office.

Amy Zuckerman in court (WBZ-TV)

“The specific threats were mentioned shooting a firearm through the window of The Walpole Times while people were there,” Walpole Police Chief John Carmichael said.

Zuckerman was arrested Saturday at her home in the Western Mass. town of Shutesbury. Police say she was upset with the newspaper because they refused to publish an article she wrote.

“We figure that we had to give some credibility to it especially in light of what just happened in Maryland we took it seriously, the people at Walpole Times took it seriously,” Chief Carmichael said.

The Walpole Times newspaper (WBZ-TV)

GateHouse Media owns the Walpole Times and a spokesperson said they immediately made sure everyone left the office after the threat. She said normally four employees work there.

Prosecutors say Zuckerman is known to police and at least three departments say she suffers from mental illness.

Her attorney insists she’s not a threat. “She’s been a journalist for 44 years, she’s known on Wikipedia, she’s authored books, her job is dedicated to journalism,” attorney Michael Stapleton said.

The spokesperson for GateHouse Media says there will be extra security at the office when workers return.

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  1. Don McCoy says:

    I wonder what the article was about…

    1. Tomas Cruz says:

      Since they didn’t mention it, you know she’s one of theirs. And they wonder why nobody trusts them.

  2. jay10940 says:

    CNN published an interview they had with her on December 14, 2007. Said she hasn’t worked as a journalist since 1992 and has since been running her own business as a “consultant”.

  3. We have been told, most vigorously, that anyone with a worldview right of center is a member of the “Waffen SS”. Most academically certified / indoctrinated journalists have, at best, not discouraged this idea. Of course the most unstable among the reactionary left believe that force of arms is a valid notion. If this person was from the right their politics would be front and center.

  4. Eagle in NYC says:

    What do you bet she’s another registered Democrat that the Left will blame on Trump because he correctly identifies the drive-bys as fake?

    Always check the voter registration of the violent haters who attack. Almost always the same party that infests our prisons.

  5. has to be a flaming leftist or they would be calling her a white racist.

  6. Tom Wharton says:

    $10 bucks says she’s a Democrat.

    1. Of course she’s a Democrat. They’re the ones that do the shooting

  7. Remember9112001 says:

    Impossible. Guns are banned in Massachusetts.

  8. She’s an unhinged, envirofascist, Prius-driving broad. In other words, a typical leftist.

  9. Pete Wagner says:

    Their proverbial death spiral will pull innocent people into it. Need to be careful around them.

  10. Ron Styrker says:

    A progressive journalist with mental problems..not news.

  11. Since her political pedigree isn’t identified, can we assume she cites Democrat?

  12. Not very professional of Zuckerman. The proper procedure upon rejection of an article is to sigh, maybe utter a bad word, then submit the piece to some other publication. Threatening to shoot ’em up is VERY bad form!

  13. mrfubo says:

    As long as sh uses a shotgun instead of an AR 15, the libs won’t be calling to take my 2A rights away.

  14. If she “suffers from mental illness”, she must be a liberal Democrat.

  15. Kevin Collins says:

    This is an unfortunate case of a text-messaging autofill error and overzealous prosecution by the Norfolk DA. Like her or not, Ms. Zuckerman is a former editor of Worcester Magazine, the author of a children’s book that has sold over 50,000 copies, a principal author of the state’s gas safety law, and an expert and watchdog on terrorism and frontline reporter since 9/11. We should all be afraid, when our watchdogs are sent to state prison for pointing out flaws in our systems that endanger all of us. You are next.

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