BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady made it clear that he was dedicating his offseason to family over football. Well, wouldn’t you know it, the son of a gun who already has everything has managed to blend together the two most important aspects of his life.

After surviving his family vacation to Montana — one that featured live bears and speeding projectiles — Brady was back out in his Brookline yard, training for the 2018 NFL season. But in a video shared to his Instagram story, Brady wasn’t training with Alex Guerrero, nor was he sending Julian Edelman out on some routes.

Instead, Brady kept it in the family with his newest training partner. See for yourself:

Looks like Brady’s kid might have to change his name to Urlahcer! Hey-o!

Obviously, the competition is a bit bigger and slightly faster for Brady when he shows up to work for training camp later this month. But for now, Patriots fans can breathe a sigh of relief that Brady’s no longer encountering wild bears or dealing with laser beam dodgeball throws from his niece. Some backyard football with the kid might be the safe haven that Brady needs right now.

  1. I love TB and this adds to it

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