FAIRHAVEN (CBS) – A Fairhaven man is charged with animal cruelty and facing accusations that he burned his dog with a hot poker.

Paulo Raposo, 45, is expected to be arraigned in court on August 9 on charges of cruelty to animals. Police said officers responded to Morton Street on June 18 for a report that Raposo was abusing his Portuguese Water Dog named Bella.

“It was reported to police that RAPOSO frequently kicked and dragged the dog,” Fairhaven police said in a statement. “He also allegedly burned the dog with a hot poker.”

The dog burned by a hot poker. (Photo credit: Fairhaven police)

An officer removed the dog from the home “after observing signs of abuse,” police said.

A veterinarian determined that the dog had been deliberately burned. Police said the dog is now safe and in the custody of the town.

Comments (2)
  1. Such a sweet girl. Wishing that she finds a wonderful family who will love her.

  2. What a POS. I hope they throw the book at him!!

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