By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady has spent the last week sharing photos and videos from his vacation in Montana. Aside from a brief encounter with a massive bear and a couple of shanked drives off the tee, it seems to be a rather laid-back respite for the 40-year-old QB.

That all changed on Thursday, though, when Brady showed what a game of family dodgeball looks like with the Brady clan. And in case you were wondering, it’s utterly insane.

Brady shared a video from a gym featuring himself, his parents, his wife, his kids, his sisters, a bunch of kids, and of course a cameo from Kevin Youkilis. Despite the presence of the young kids and the old folks, this was no leisurely game of dodgeball.

As Brady described in the caption, “Typical way to finish the day in the Brady house! #theresnocryingindodgeball. Rules –  1. face shots count 2. no crying 3. Boys vs girls always! #LFG”

“LFG” is, of course, short for “let’s [freaking] go,” which would be one of Brady’s most commonly used phrases when he’s preparing to play in a violent NFL game. The approach is clearly needed for family dodgeball, too.

Just watch this:

First of all, I don’t think anyone’s keeping track of who’s in and who’s out here. The game is mayhem. Perhaps the Brady family can arrange for a referee to make it to next year’s game. We are a society with rules and order, after all.

Second, Brady was playing with such intensity that his pants almost fell off. Later, it looked like he unleashed a rocket at his dear mother. Looks like her birthday celebration was officially over.

Lastly, who is the woman in the striped sweater? If that’s Brady’s niece, who is committed to playing softball at UCLA, then it’s clear that Brady wasn’t kidding when he said his older sisters are more athletic than he is. Either way, whoever she might be, she’s got a quicker release than Jimmy Garoppolo. Holy smokes. Don’t fire that thing indoors.

Gisele Bundchen shared a couple of videos from a different angle, showing that Brady’s not afraid to fire missiles from close range. You can see Brady’s misdirection in this one, where he steps to his left but fires to his right, as if he’s looking off Ed Reed in the AFC Championship Game:

And here, the man just fires the cannons:

Jeez, Tom! Let off the gas a bit.

So while Brady may have skipped out on the Patriots’ optional workouts this spring, it’s clear that the rest of his family can keep him in game shape. Brady probably will feel right at home next month when Bill Belichick starts hurling those blocking pads at him on the Patriots’ practice field.

In any event, most of the world has now learned that they don’t want any part of a Brady family dodgeball game. Only the strong survive.

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