By Katie Brace

BOSTON (CBS) – “My message to the driver is how you can be so cruel that you can take off on someone you hit,” said Donna Bettencourt.

Donna Bettencourt’s daughter recorded video of her mom lying in a Boston hospital bed following a hit-and-run crash. Doctors are still deciding if they will amputate her leg.

“I am feeling like this person took all my rights away,” said Bettencourt

Donna Bettencourt (Image from Mariah Martell)

Bettencourt said she likely will lose what she has fought so hard for over the past few years; the ability to walk. For the past three years, a rare disorder paralyzed her from the waist down. Her daughter said she was slowly starting to walk again.

“She still had some balance problems. It was nice to see her walk and she loved it, but she mostly used her scooter rather than her wheelchair or walker or cane,” said Mariah Martell, Bettencourt’s daughter.

Tuesday night, Bettencourt was on her mobility scooter crossing Middlesex Street near her Lowell home. A car hit her. The impact was enough that the car’s grill came off and the scooter toppled over.

Police investigate a woman’s scooter after she was injured in a hit and run. (Image Credit: Lowell Sun)

“I don’t understand why this guy took off considering I am handicap as well,” said Bettencourt.

She said the driver was speeding and she has no doubt the person knew they slammed into her and her scooter.

Police released a photo of the car they are looking for a dark colored Mercury Sable. It has front end damage.

Bettencourt wants the driver to do one thing. “Go to the police department and explain you did it,” said Bettencourt.


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