WESTWOOD (CBS) – A 56-year-old man has drowned in a Westwood pond. First responders were called to Buckmaster Pond just before 2:30 Thursday afternoon.

Police say James Kane from Brockton went for a swim with his brother and may have had some type of medical episode while in the water. His death is the fourth drowning within 24 hours around New England.

Peter Kane says he and his brother were having a wonderful day at the pond, until he says Jim, who is suffering from Parkinson’s, fell into the water.

“When I went swimming he was on the blanket and when I came back he had fallen in and he’s up in heaven right now where he belongs,” Peter Kane said.

Westwood Police Chief Jeff Silva says first responders were in the water searching within minutes of the call. The pond is actually less than a mile away from the fire department, but due to the murky water, it took more than 20 minutes to find Kane.

“When they pulled my brother out of the water he was only 15-20 feet from the shore,” Peter Kane said. “And he was all blue. It’s terrible. I wouldn’t want anybody to see anything like that ever.”

Kane says his brother is in a better place and will no longer have to suffer from his disease.

“Always kept a smile on his face and never let anything get him down,” Kane said.

Chief Silva says while tragic, Kane’s death is not considered suspicious.

The pond is the secondary water supply for Norwood so no swimming is allowed.


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