BOSTON (CBS) – Neighbors in Boston’s West End are fuming over the latest in a string of construction projects. They are worried about the dust from the demolition of the parking garage across from the TD garden.

The building is being leveled to make way for a new 44 story apartment building with 470 units. But it’s not the size that residents are most worried about. “The dust and dirt are terrible and it’s a health hazard,” explained Louise Thomas who lives next door in the Amy Lowell apartments.

Thomas and Ariana Fulginiti are both concerned about their own health and the health of the many elderly residents in the building. “A lot of people have respiratory issues,” Thomas explained.

Louise Thomas and Ariana Fulginiti expressed their concerns over the construction. (WBZ-TV)

The main concern is asbestos that was discovered in the garage before the demolition began. A spokesperson for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection told the I-Team the contractor has followed all guidelines and is required to monitor the air for any contamination, but residents are still worried.

“Even when they are done for the day you can see residue of a smoke dust sort of filter in the air,” Fulginiti said.

Fulginiti wants her building tested to make sure asbestos is not seeping into their building, but she couldn’t get anyone to listen.

“I reached out to your team because I was frustrated having spent two weeks on the phone with the department of environmental protection,” she said.

The I-Team called the Boston Public Health Commission and a spokesperson told us that agency also concluded the contractor was not in violation and there’s no evidence of any contamination. They did, however, agree to inspect areas of the Amy Lowell building as a precaution.

So far, no violations or evidence of contamination have been found. (WBZ-TV)

Ariana Fulginiti has just one hope. “That they are going to assure us that they can protect our health and safety by the way they are handling this project,” she said.

The developer also told us that the project is being monitored by the state and local officials as well as a private consultant.


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