BOSTON (CBS) — Robert Williams, the Celtics’ lone draft pick in 2018, knows that many people have called into question his reliability. And he’s certainly aware that missing a flight and missing his first summer league practice is only going to further fuel those who raise such concerns.

But the rookie also apparently knows that the best way to deal with the issue is to address it head-on and accept responsibility, which is exactly what Williams did on Tuesday.

“I went home to get a couple of things, and just a missed flight. Miscommunication by me. It’s all on me,” Williams said when asked about the mishap. “So I’m just looking to push forward and move past it.”

Williams admitted that after missing the flight back to Boston, he was upset with himself.

“People already have a bad image of me, I guess you could say. Missing my flight didn’t help that,” he said. “But like I said, just looking to [move] past it.”

Williams was asked if the team issued any discipline.

“Definitely. They discipline you with words more than you may know,” he said. “Maybe a couple of extra sprints or something like that, I don’t know.”

The 27th overall pick in the 2018 draft, Williams said he was reminded by Brad Stevens that no opportunities in the NBA are guaranteed, so it’s important to not take any for granted.

“Just accountability, which they expressed to me a lot when I first got here. Just accountability, just stressing that this is a job. Things are different in college, so just knowing what you have and the opportunities are limited,” he said. “I talked to Coach Stevens when I got back and he obviously explained to me about the opportunities. There’s not that many. So definitely a wake-up call.”


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