WOONSOCKET, Rhode Island (CBS) — A man was arrested after Rhode Island police say he shot at them multiple times in three locations and injured one officer.

It all started around 4:35 a.m. Monday when a Woonsocket officer spotted a man with an automatic weapon on Cumberland Street. The man ran to Kendrick Street and shot at police officers but was able to run away into the woods, Woonsocket Chief of Police Thomas Oates said.

The man shot at police for a second time as they cornered him in the woods near Elm Street. This time, a bullet struck the upper thigh of an officer. He was treated at Rhode Island Hospital and released.

Evading police again, the man made it to Social Street, where a standoff ensued. During that time, the man shot at police and made idle threats.  After two hours, police said, they were able to distract him and bring him into custody. He was taken to the hospital but does not appear to be injured.

Anthony Carlo lives nearby and was woken up by the shooting. He was able to take a picture of the suspect sitting between two cars during the standoff.

Woonsocket resident captures a police standoff where the suspect appears to be sitting between two cars Monday morning (Photo Courtesy: Anthony Carlo)

Throughout the ordeal, at least three officers also fired their weapons.

“This is a dangerous job. They go to work, our officers, every day, every night — they don’t know the next radio call or what the next traffic stop is going to bring. It’s dangerous work out protecting the people of the city of Woonsocket,” says Oates.

Police say the man will be arraigned soon. His identity, along with the identity of the injured officer, has not been released.

Gary Brode