By Tiffany Chan, WBZ-TV

LAWRENCE (CBS) – Temperatures are a bit lower on the coast, but people north and west are baking in the nineties. Communities are doing their best to keep residents safe in the heat.

Neighborhood swimming pools, like ones in Lawrence, were packed with people hoping to cool off on this scorching day. Many residents were surprised to see a long line of people waiting to take a dip in the pool.

“Yeah, I didn’t think this was going to happen,” said Tonita Coco of Lawrence.

Children cool off at a spray station in Lawrence during the heat wave. (WBZ-TV)

These 90-degree days combined with the humidity can lead to heat exhaustion, posing a real danger to children and the elderly.

Those who didn’t want to wait to take a dip in the pool visited one of the many spray stations set up around the city hoping to dodge the summer sun.

Little Javian Bon of Lawrence isn’t a fan of the sun, saying, “I don’t like it because you sweat a lot when you’re running.”

A Lawrence boy cools off at a spray station. (WBZ-TV)

Communities, like Boston, Lawrence and Lowell have set up cooling stations for people to relax in the air conditioning. Officials are encouraging residents to drink plenty of water and to avoid staying out in the sun for too long.

With temperatures climbing into the nineties leading up to the Fourth of July, many cities and towns are urging people to keep children and pets out of hot cars.


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