BOSTON (CBS) — Three people were wounded in a shooting in Dorchester Wednesday evening. One victim says he doesn’t know who shot him or why.

“I heard the first few shots and then everything else is just a blur,” said Domingos Da Rosa, who displayed his graze wound only minutes after he returned to the shooting scene in his hospital gown.

Three men were wounded in the shooting in Dorchester, June 27, 2018. (WBZ-TV)

It was just before 7 p.m. when someone opened fire on Draper Street, wounding Da Rosa and his younger brother as they stood on their porch, and hitting another man on the sidewalk.

Domingos Da Rosa (WBZ-TV)

Da Rosa carried his brother to his pickup truck and drove to Boston Medical Center.

“All I remember is just driving,” Da Rosa said. “Like my instincts was just to save my brother’s life.”

Boston Police said all three victims’ injuries are now considered to be “non-life threatening.”

Officers spent the night retrieving shell casings and hunting down evidence, but there have been no arrests. They believe the shooting is gang related. But Da Rosa, a landscaper who unsuccessfully ran for city council, isn’t buying it.

“I’m a freaking victim, they’re treating me like I’m the freaking culprit,” Da Rosa said.


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