By Dr. Mallika Marshall

BOSTON (CBS) – Now that summer is upon us, many kids are going to be hopping on bikes, but a new study from Nationwide Children’s Hospital shows that every hour, 25 kids are treated in emergency rooms for bike-related injuries.

The good news is, the numbers are declining but the bad news is, a lot of kids are still getting seriously hurt.

The most common injuries are cuts, bruises, scrapes, and fractures, but 11-percent had traumatic brain injuries. The risk of brain injury goes up if a child is not wearing a helmet.

Ten to 14 year olds are less likely to wear a helmet, but they’re also the ones who tend to get injured the most. Boys are also more likely to get injured than girls.

To protect your child, make sure they are wearing a well-fitting helmet every time they ride. Also, teach your kids the rules of the road because when a car is involved, either stationary or moving, the risk of serious injury goes way up. And if you’re a parent, model good behavior by wearing a helmet yourself.

Dr. Mallika Marshall


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