By Mike LaCrosse, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – A man is accused of stomping on a puppy out for a walk around Boston, and her owner said the vicious attack came out of nowhere.

Danica Shurlan is still stunned that a random guy kicked her eight-week-old Maltese puppy Zeze. “[He] came up, kicked her, and smashed her with his foot. And then at that point he turned around and smirked at me,” she recalled. “It was traumatizing, shocking that somebody could actually do this to such to an animal.”

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Shurlan’s boyfriend, Anthony Giugliano, was devastated after the attack and is hoping to track the suspect down. “I can’t even believe somebody could do something like that,” he said.

Zeze was attacked in East Boston (WBZ-TV)

Giugliano spent all day Tuesday near where his girlfriend said it happened on Chaucer Street in East Boston around 11:30 in the morning. He walked around the area hoping to spot the person who hurt the dog.

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“I’m very broken hearted, very broken hearted. I’ve been crying all day,” he said.

Danica Shurlan and Zeze (WBZ-TV)

The dog has been sleeping since it returned home from the vet Tuesday night. It’s on pain medication and will need a checkup in the coming days for suffering blunt force trauma to the jaw. “[She’s under] close observation to make sure she can eat, open her jaw and eat,” said Shurlan.

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Shurlan is planning to file a police report in Boston and hopes cops can prevent this from happening to someone else. She also left the person behind the attack with this final plea: “Turn yourself in and get help.”