BOSTON (CBS) — Planning a summer road trip? One ranking seems to be discouraging travelers from visiting two New England states.

Rhode Island finishes dead last in Wallethub’s new list of the “Best & Worst States For Summer Road Trips.” And coming in at No. 49 is Connecticut. Massachusetts is right in the middle at No. 25, while Maine fares the best in New England at 16.

How did Rhode Island do so poorly on the ranking? The tiny state ranks near the bottom for “costs” associated with road trips and “activities” available for visitors. It also gets knocked for the high cost of car repairs and scant national parkland area.

For the record, Rhode Island’s official tourism website says the Ocean State “is packed with great things to do.”

“For the smallest state in the country, Rhode Island manages to fit a seemingly endless array of activities, adventures and options within its cozy borders,” it states.

The Top 5 road trip destinations according to Wallethub are Wyoming, North Carolina, Minnesota, Texas and Florida.