By Mike LaCrosse, WBZ-TV

HANOVER (CBS) – The discovery of an unexploded device has forced the closing of Factory Pond in Hanover.

Police said it was closed after a man fishing hooked the device and brought it to the surface last week. A crew was brought in to make sure it was safe.

“We really need to render the area safe before we can continue to allow the public to utilize the area,” said Hanover Police Chief Walter Sweeney.

Fireworks Trail in Hanover (WBZ-TV)

Factory Pond is near the National Fireworks site. It’s where bombs were made and tested up until the Vietnam War. The operation is shut down, but explosive material is still scattered around the land now owned by the Town of Hanover.

“It’s a large cleanup effort and now we know that it will be taking place in the water as well,” said Town Manager Joseph Colangelo.

Several trails around the pond are also closed. The cleanup has been going on for more than a year now.

Factory Pond in Hanover (WBZ-TV)

Residents says it’s common to hear materials detonated on site.

“Apparently they find ordnance out there and they set it off and I mean it is really loud when it goes off,” said resident John Doyle.

Town leaders and police hope people heed the warnings.

“We want people to take it serious, we want people to understand that there’s certainly an element of danger,” said Chief Walter Sweeney.

It’s unclear how long the cleanup will take.

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