BOSTON (CBS) –- An alarming new study finds people earning a minimum wage can’t pay for a two-bedroom apartment anywhere in America.

The report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition found that rent is so expensive these days that raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour would not even make a dent in most states.

Read The Full Report (PDF)

Massachusetts is the sixth-most expensive state for renters, according to the study. The report found that workers need to make more than $28 an hour to afford a two-bedroom apartment, or work more than 104 hours a week at the current minimum wage of $11 an hour.

In the Boston-Quincy-Cambridge area, workers would need to earn over $33 an hour to afford a two-bedroom apartment.

“This year’s findings demonstrate how far out of reach modestly priced housing is for the growing low-wage work force, despite recent wage growth, and for other vulnerable populations across the country,” the report states.

The only places with a higher housing wage than Massachusetts are Maryland, New York, California, Washington D.C. and Hawaii.

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  1. Craig Schomp says:

    Your story is misleading, minimum wage jobs are supposed to be temporary work jobs (eg. kids summer jobs), not careers.

    1. The reason we even have a minimum wage was because people protested against sweatshop conditions and protested against being paid less than a living wage.

      Today, there are plenty of adults that are paid near or equal to minimum wage rates. Are you saying that these adults don’t deserve food and shelter for their 40 hr/week contribution to the workforce?

    2. No they’re not supposed to be temp jobs for kids. The minimum wage was designed to be a wage for a decent living, and not just a wage that allows you live, but also have enough money to have a decent life too. Read FDR’s statement on the minimum wage when it was first enacted.

      This idea that minimum wage was meant to be for young adults or teenagers needs to die. Its a lie spread by ignorant people like yourself, or worse, people who know about its history and simply want to keep wages down for their corporate puppet masters. The minimum wage was designed to create a minimum standard for living in America, where everyone, not just the rich, could live a decent life and grow from there.

  2. Chris Down says:

    Craig, your very condescending and arrogant, it is clearly present in your response. You obviously do not do a lot of research, otherwise you would realize most people with degrees are working those very same jobs you say are not career jobs….news flash….THEY ARE. because that’s all people seem to be able to get without being politically connected, or being let go over voting Trump or being conservative. The article is not misleading at all, your facts just suck. Just take a look around you…come on man…..

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