BOSTON (CBS) — Getting hit by a pitch in the stomach is no laughing matter. But Eduardo Nunez turned it into one on Monday night.

The Red Sox second baseman took an 87 MPH fastball by Baltimore reliever Mychal Givens right in the gut in the top of the 12th inning Monday night, and immediately bent over in pain. When Alex Cora joined Boston’s team trainer by Nunez’s side, it appeared the Red Sox manager was letting out some hearty chuckles.

Cora wasn’t laughing at Nunez getting hit, though. He was laughing at Nunez’s reaction.

“He was going, ‘Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God,’” Cora explained after Boston’s 2-0 win in 12 innings. “‘I’m not gonna die, I’m not gonna die.’ I felt so bad, I just — I couldn’t stop.”

Cora couldn’t help but laugh some more as he retold the encounter.

“It was funny,” he said. “Whatever. At least he made me laugh in the 12th inning of a close game.”

Nunez did indeed survive the ordeal. Taking one for the team loaded the bases for Boston, who played a pair of runs in the inning en route to their win.



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