WEYMOUTH (CBS) — Believe it or not, inside this unremarkable strip mall, just off Route 3 in Weymouth, is one of the best restaurants south of Boston: Precinct 10.

“I just love the idea of catching people off guard and doing the unexpected,” said owner Erik Hynes.

Precinct 10 (Phantom Gourmet)

Your only hint at what’s inside this windowless space is a sign that simply reads Precinct 10. According to Hynes, all this mystery is just part of the experience.

“The exterior is very understated. There’s really no sign that says we’re a restaurant, it says Precinct 10. There are no windows, there are no colors. There are basically two large wooden doors, with no windows, no way to see in, no way to see out. So when you open those doors, and you come in, and I think you’re just so shocked with what you see inside, based on what you saw on the outside.”

Precinct 10 (Phantom Gourmet)

That’s because the inside of Precinct 10 is a simply stunning space with an atmosphere that’s like a throwback to a hundred years ago.

“We’re trying to really capture the kind of early 1900s America. Prohibition era. The speakeasy feel,” said Hynes.

Precinct 10 (Phantom Gourmet)

“The great thing about being a Prohibition speakeasy type of a place is that by nature, it’s supposed to be a little bit secretive, a little bit under the radar, so we’re talking distressed wood, distressed brick, vintage fixtures, red velvets, black leather. And we try to capture the American spirit with the food as well, in terms of just great regional American cuisine,” he added.

Precinct 10 (Phantom Gourmet)

The menu reads like the greatest hits of American eats: there’s barbecue, burgers, mac and cheese, and a massively stuffed lobster. All served in a 250-seat dining room that’s packed every night.

“We wanted to be a destination for having a good time, getting great food, creative cocktails, on the South Shore.”


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