CONCORD (CBS) – Two young boys are being praised for their efforts rescuing an adult swimmer who was in distress at Concord’s Walden Pond.

Eleven-year-old Bodie Thompson and his new friend Herman, 9, were paddle boarding when they heard a man yelling for help. Concord Fire Capt. Bill Noke said the swimmer suffered a leg cramp and could have drowned if the boys didn’t come to his rescue.

“We were just stunned that that happened,” Thompson told WBZ-TV. “We both started turning in that direction and started paddling there as fast as possible.”

concord1 Well Done Boys!: Young Paddle Boarders Rescue Swimmer From Walden Pond

Bodie Thompson helped save a swimmer from Walden Pond. (WBZ-TV)

The boys were able to pull the swimmer out of the water and get him to shore before firefighters arrived on scene.

“Well done boys!” firefighters posted on Twitter.

concord Well Done Boys!: Young Paddle Boarders Rescue Swimmer From Walden Pond

Firefighters say Herman and Bodie were able to pull a swimmer in distress out of Walden Pond. (Image Credit: Concord Fire Department)

“I think it’s great,” Noke said. “It’s always nice when we get a good outcome. We don’t always get a good outcome.”

Thompson said if faced with the same scenario in the future, he would gladly jump into action again.

“If it happens again, sure, I’ll do what I can,” said Thompson.


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