BOSTON (CBS) – Two Boston Police officers and a woman were hurt when the officers’ motorcycles crashed during the Boston Pride Parade Saturday afternoon.

Police said it was a “domino effect” crash where one motorcycle locked wheels with the other and then hit a spectator just after 3 p.m. near the intersection of Beacon and Joy streets.

crash1 2 Police Officers, Woman Hurt In Crash On Boston Pride Parade Route

A crash along the route for the Boston Pride parade. (Image Credit: @RoadTripNE/Twitter)

Witnesses rushed to help the officers and the woman moments after the collision.

“One woman was holding her head a little bit because she hurt it when she hit the pavement,” said Dr. Nancy Sobel, who lives near the crash site.

“They were getting way too close and they were coming in too fast,” spectator Israel Burgos told WBZ-TV.

Police Commissioner Williams Evans said the officers were responding to a medical emergency nearby just before the crash.

“The bike slid and it hit an older woman in the lower part of her body. From all indications, the two officers, we just heard from Mass. General. I think one might have a shoulder (injury) and one has an arm injury,” Evans told reporters.

The woman and the officers, who have not been identified, are expected to be ok, according to police.

  1. Yeah this isn’t at all what happened– the bikes didn’t just ‘lock wheels’ I watched the crash and it was because the bike in front stopped so quickly the one behind tried to swerve out of the way in time but basically rear ended him.

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