BOSTON (CBS) — Matt Wilding rides his bike to work from Roslindale to Dorchester every day. His ride is usually pretty smooth until he gets to The Arborway in front of the courthouse in Jamaica Plain.

Lately, there have been cars, sometimes even police vehicles, parked illegally in the middle of the bike lanes. “Having dedicated bike lanes allows us to separate ourselves from the giant metal vehicles that can kill us”, Wilding told WBZ.

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Matt Wilding (WBZ-TV)

The bike lanes themselves have painted bike logos on them, but there are no posted signs telling motorists not to park there.

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Wilding says he has spent weeks tweeting at city and state officials trying to find out who has jurisdiction. On Thursday, the DCR, Department of Conservation and Recreation, told WBZ that it’s their turf and the State Police should be issuing tickets.

Cars parked in a bike lane (WBZ-TV)

A spokesperson for the city’s transportation department says as long as the painted signs showing bikes are on the road, they are not required to post additional signage.

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“To be fair to the motorists, they just would have no idea, unless they’re bicyclists, that they are in the bike lane,” said cyclist Dave Bufano. “There’s no sign to tell them ‘hey, you’re blocking two opposing lanes of cycle traffic.'”