BOSTON (CBS) — Former Boston Globe employee Hilary Sargent appeared in court as her attorney spoke out against the Globe and the lawsuit they have filed against her. The newspaper is suing Sargent for more information after she tweeted what she says was an inappropriate text message from the Globe’s top editor.

“The message that the filing of the lawsuit sends to Ms. Sargent is if you speak out, we will file legal action against you. And what it says to other people out there who might want to come forward: we will file legal action against you,” said Jack Siegal in court.

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Sargent tweeted an exchange and said it was between her and the Globe’s editor Brian McGrory, who asked, “What do you generally wear when you write?” She responded, “Seriously?”

The newspaper is now turning the tables, taking Sargent to court, demanding she provides more information about the context around the text, and whether there were others like it.

“There is a lot of public discussion right now about whether the Globe, which has been vigorous about covering sexual harassment issues and ‘me too’ issues, is looking after its own house,” argued the Globe’s attorney Mark Batten.

He says the Boston Globe cannot thoroughly look into the allegations without Sargent’s help. Therefore he wants a Suffolk Superior Court judge to force her into an interview with the newspaper’s human resources department.

Hilary Sargent appears in court on Thursday (WBZ-TV)

But Sargent, who worked for the Globe’s website from 2014-2016, says her efforts to reach out to Globe executives went unanswered. Her court affidavit says, “…I made repeated efforts to discuss my concerns about the Globe’s culture of sexual inappropriateness as well as my own personal experiences….”

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Judge Christine Roach said she would take the matter under advisement before ruling on it.

Christina Hager