By Katie Brace

SPRINGFIELD (CBS) – What brought investigators to a Springfield home is strange enough and then on Thursday night the district attorney confirmed they had pulled three bodies from the property. He said little else except they are still looking.

“It’s eerie,” said Sharon Faust, who lives near the home.

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Neighbors along a stretch of Route 20 in Springfield could only watch as a major crime scene unfolded.

“A third body has been recovered on the property,” Hampden District Attorney Anthony Gulluni said Thursday night. “It’s a very complicated investigation all hands are on deck.”

Officers were led to the home by a string of events that started Sunday. Police said 40-year old Stewart Weldon led them on a car chase. When they caught him, a woman passenger said she had been held captive for a month, raped and beaten. Wednesday night investigators descended on the home where Weldon lives.

Stewart Weldon (Image from Springfield PD)

“It started out with two cop cars and the next thing it was filled with detectives and blue cars,” said neighbor Stefan Davis.

The house belongs to Weldon’s mother. Investigators will not say who else lives there.

“When the cops went there last night there was a girl there and a baby,” said Faust.

Investigators focused in on the garage and the adjoining yard, which is now covered by a tent. They towed away a car from the driveway.

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“At times there was traffic from people, that you were like, ‘what’s going on like, hmm,’” said Davis.

Two bodies were found in this Springfield home (WBZ-TV)

Weldon has a criminal history. No one living nearby knew him.

“He would wear his hood and tied up so you could only see his face,” said Faust.

“Strange looking, quiet, kept to himself looked like an angry man,” said neighbor LeAnne Lumiere.

They are left wondering what possibly went on along their street.

“It’s freaky. It’s like I am watching TV and it’s not real in my neighborhood. And it’s very unnerving,” said Lumiere.

Weldon is in jail on one million dollars cash bail for the charges relating to the car chase and the kidnapped woman.

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The D.A. has not yet filed charges relating to the bodies at the house.