BOSTON (CBS) – Red Sox starter David Price appeared to fire back at his critics on Monday, repeating “I’m soft” multiple times in a postgame interview.

Price was hit by a Yangervis Solarte line drive in the first inning but stayed in the game against the Blue Jays. He seemed to give a mocking answer when he asked if he was bothered by the incident.

“You know me, I’m the softest guy in the clubhouse. I’m soft. . . it’s not a joke,” Price said. “If it was painful, I would’ve come out. You know, I’m soft.”

He then made references to other times he’s taken heat from Boston fans and the media.

“If it’s cold I can’t pitch. If my hand’s tingling, I can’t do my job. That’s it,” Price said.

Price pulled out of a chilly April game against the Yankees, saying “my hand never really warmed up.” It was also revealed that he has a mild case of carpal tunnel syndrome, causing numbness in his left hand.

Price got the win with a five-inning performance on Sunday, improving to 5-4 on the season.

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