BOSTON (CBS) – A Lowell father who just became a father for the fourth time was receiving congratulations Thursday – and handing out “thank you’s” as well.

Samuel Beyene’s daughter Lydya was born yesterday. But Lydya didn’t join the world in a hospital as planned. She arrived in the passenger seat of Beyene’s car.

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Beyene’s wife, Rachel Estifanos, went into labor on the way to Winchester Hospital. Beyene was forced to pull over on Interstate 93 South in Wilmington and call 911.

Rachel Estifanos, her daughter Lydya and the Wilmington Police officers who helped deliver the baby. (Image Credit: Wilmington Police)

Wilmington Police dispatcher Jill Regan talked Beyene through the process and officer Matt Stavro arrived on scene to complete the delivery. Lydya and Rachel are both healthy and doing fine.

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Wilmington Police dispatcher Jill Regan and Officer Matt Stavro are reunited with Samuel Beyene and his newborn daughter. (Image Credit: Wilmington Police)

Stavro and Regan arrived at the hospital on Thursday. They brought a teddy bear for the baby and posed for pictures in the maternity ward.

“I would like to say thank you, to you,” said Samuel. “The dispatcher was a wonderful person. She told me what to do, what do look for.”

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Regan, who helped deliver a baby for the first time, said: “To hear the first cry ever being in the world was awesome.”