BOSTON (CBS) – It’s been a busy month for Boston Marathon winner Desi Linden.

From introducing Taylor Swift at the Billboard Music Awards to walking the red carpet, the last month has been a blur for her.

“I’ve never felt more out of my element,” she told WBZ-TV Thursday. “Even right when we got there, they do the red carpet and I looked down and they’re like, ‘Hold on Tyra Banks is going.’”

It’s been less than six weeks since Linden became the first American woman to win the Boston Marathon in 33 years – a moment even she can’t believe.

desi21 Desi Linden Enjoying Life As A Boston Marathon Champion

Desi Linden won the 2018 Boston Marathon. (Photo credit RYAN MCBRIDE/AFP/Getty Images)

“I’ve been dreaming about breaking that tape for a really long time. I debuted in 2007 and I’ve had every experience on that course. That was the only one missing, so it was really special,” she said.

But the moment that meant the most came the day after, at the Celtics game, when the fans showered Linden with love.

“Boston sports fans, they’re wild and they delivered and to put all that energy into a tight space with wooden floors, it was really cool. Definitely a life highlight,” she said.

desilinden2 Desi Linden Enjoying Life As A Boston Marathon Champion

2018 Boston Marathon winner Desi Linden was honored at the Celtics-Bucks game on April 17, 2018. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Her motto is simple – just keep showing up.

“The whole thing was keep showing up and that’s what I started in 2007. Keep getting after it, keep showing up and I appreciate that it’s been reciprocated from the fans. I’ve come close, I’ve fallen way off and they’re always there supporting. They’re always showing up on Marathon Monday,” Linden said.

So will she be back in Boston in 2019?

“If they invite me,” she said, laughing and crossing her fingers.

As for what’s next, Linden will spend the summer relaxing on Lake Michigan and maybe run a marathon in the fall.


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