By Gary Brode, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – A “red flag” bill in Massachusetts would take weapons from those who may harm themselves or others.

The author of the bill, State Representative Marjorie Decker, explains, “If you think someone in your home is going to kill themselves with a gun that they own or they’re going to go out and hurt other people, you have the opportunity to go straight to a judge, show the evidence and ask them to separate them from their gun and ammunition.”

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The person in question would go before a judge 10 days later to plead their case. If the judge feels they are an extreme risk, they would lose their right to carry for one year.

Jim Wallace of Gun Owner Action League, GOAL, says this about the bill, “what we have here is a pure gun confiscation bill rather than a mental health bill.”

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Wallace goes on to say, “So now you’ve taken someone who you believe is going through a tough time, maybe even suicidal, you’re going to drag them the court process which is going to exasperate their mental health issue and then kick them to the curb.”

But Angela Christiana from Moms Demand Action disagrees, “I think most people going through crisis welcome help.”

Other members of the Moms Demand Action waited outside of the caucus to show their support for the bill.

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