Kids menus at restaurants tend to come in one of two varieties: child-sized portions of their regular menu items or items that are uniquely designed to cater to the wants and wishes of children. That usually means tried-and-true favorites, as many children do not want to experiment with something new. Rather than try the Lobster Thermidor, clams Fra Diavolo or tuna sushi their parents may order, most kids would rather have a hot dog, a grilled cheese sandwich or some form of processed deep-fried chicken. Still, there are restaurants that try to offer children a bit more. Here are five restaurants with great kids menus in Boston.

The Paramount
Beacon Hill
44 Charles St.
Boston, MA 02127
(617) 720-1152

The Paramount is a favorite spot for families who have spent the day playing, shopping or walking around Boston Common. Their $10 Kids Dinner menu is pure vanilla – in that it only offers foods that are proven kid favorites. That means mac and cheese, chicken tenders, pasta with butter, a small burger with (or without) American Cheese or, if all else fails, basic grilled cheese – and on white bread at that. These kid meals will get veggies in the little ones. They come with a side order of broccoli, fresh fruit, fries or a salad, and milk, juice, or soda to drink. Desert, however, is extra.

The Thinking Cup
85 Newbury St.
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 247-3333

The Thinking Cup on Newbury Street in Back Bay (and its sister restaurants at 165 Tremont Street near the Common and 236 Hannover Street in the North End) does not have a kid-menu per se, but does offer what so many parents need when going out to eat with their children: gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free options. The Thinking Cup takes the worry out of dining out for parents whose children may have allergies or other dietary restrictions. They also offer some of the best cups of coffee in Boston, and are famous for giving back to the community. The pastries, bagels, sandwiches and other items on their menu are all of the highest quality, and range from the simplest, plainest bowl of oatmeal and grilled cheese sandwich, to grand concoctions like the Jimmy the Greek or Barcelona Bliss, where hummus, chorizo and other exotic delights take center stage. For a parent who longs for a real treat – or just a darn fine cup of coffee – there is something for any and every kid in their train, especially those whose dietary choices are limited.

Full Moon
344 Huron Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 354-6699

While the kids menu at Full Moon is pretty standard, it does offer a kid-size individual pizza and a cheese quesadilla – and every kids meal also comes with fruit and carrot sticks. The meals also come at kid-prices ($6-$8). So while mom and dad enjoy Penne Puttanesca the little ones can have pasta with olive oil, or if the big people are dining on Pernil Cubano, their kids can tuck into a bowl of mac and cheese. Service is fast, and there is also a play space for kids to burn off some energy while waiting for the food to come – or while waiting for mom and dad to enjoy their own meal in peace once the kids have scarfed down their own dinner.
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Zaftig’s Delicatessen
335 Harvard St.
Brookline, MA
(617) 975-0075

Zaftig’s Delicatessen in Brookline is famous for its authentic deli cuisine – and for being so very welcoming to families with children. Anyone who has a longing for a Knish or Challah, a nice brisket or some potato pancakes, or any other dish found in a traditional Jewish deli – for that is exactly how this place markets itself – can not go wrong with Zaftigs. Children will love their all-day breakfast menu, especially the chocolate French Toast, which comes with raspberry sauce on the side.

Granary Tavern
170 Milk St.
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 449-7110

It is not every tavern or pub that welcomes children, but The Granary Tavern on Milk Street is the exception. Not only are all kids dinners only $8, but also they toss in a Hoodsie Cup for dessert! (For those new to Boston, Hoodsie Cup is a three ounce serving of ice cream, one side chocolate, the other vanilla, served in a paper cup with a pull off lid, and gets its name from its maker, Hood’s – which is famous as a dairy and ice cream provider in New England). The choices are kid-sized pizza, kid-sized pasta, burger, chicken fingers, grilled cheese and, for the comparatively adventuresome, kid-sized fish and chips. There is also a corn dog option. Fresh fruit or salad – or fries, also come with the meal.

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