BOSTON (CBS) – At age 70, how dangerous is convicted child rapist Wayne Chapman, as he’s about to be released from MCI Shirley? It depends who you ask.

“I think people don’t have to worry about it,” said Chapman’s attorney, Eric Tennen. “He’s far removed from his offending. He has a lot of medical conditions where he is not even suitable to live by himself.”

wayne Attorney Says Child Rapist Wayne Chapman Is No Longer A Threat

Convicted child rapist Wayne Chapman (WBZ-TV)

Police called Chapman a “person of interest” when 10-year-old Andy Puglisi went missing from Lawrence in 1976. A year later, he was convicted of raping two other local boys.

When he finished his sentence, prosecutors fought for a civil commitment to keep him locked up as a sexually dangerous person. He recently petitioned for a review and two psychologists the state deems experts said he’s no longer a danger.

One of those psychologists had recently done the same thing for another notorious pedophile last summer, Father Paul Shanley. Attorney Tennen also represented him. “There was a lot of outcry, and since his release, he’s been living without issue,” said Tennen. “We haven’t heard anything about him since then; I think sort of validating what the doctors said about him.”

shanley1 Attorney Says Child Rapist Wayne Chapman Is No Longer A Threat

Paul Shanley. (Photo credit: Mass. Sex Offender Registry)

But retired detective Al Mintz said Chapman admitted to him decades ago that he molested at least 100 young boys. “He didn’t play golf, he didn’t go fishing, he didn’t go camping. He just looked for kids,” said Mintz.

It’s something Andy Puglisi’s relatives say they’re sure of. “He is a danger to the public and…I believe he will reoffend,” said Puglisi’s aunt Billie Scharn.

Tennen says he is currently looking for a facility that can take Chapman in, and address his medical needs. At this point, there is no date set for his release.

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