By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — OK, so any way you look at it, this is pretty weird.

As everybody knows, Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are not participating in the voluntary portions of the Patriots’ offseason training program. That includes OTAs, which began Monday and are much more representative of actual football practices than the previous two phases of the offseason program. Players all say they’re important sessions, but Brady says he’s dedicating his offseason to his family, and Gronkowski seemingly is waiting for a restructured contract, so the two dynamic all-world players are not on the field with their teammates.

But they are working out … just next door to the practice fields.

According to the Boston Herald’s Karen Guregian, both Brady and Gronkowski spent time at the TB12 Sports Therapy Center on Monday and were expected to do the same on Tuesday.

It’s noteworthy because, if it’s indeed true, it speaks to the availability of both players. If they’re able to work out at 240 Patriot Place in Foxboro, then they seemingly would have been able to work out at 1 Patriot Place in Foxboro. And their decision to go to the TB12 center instead of the BB center next door lends credence to the notion that their absences do have some intent to them.

Meanwhile, Belichick stood on the practice fields about four or five deep passes away from the TB12 center, telling a throng of reporters, “I’m not going to talk about the people that aren’t here.”

With Brady in particular, the situation is fascinating. He’s always had the large majority of fans behind him no matter what he chooses to do, because he’s Tom Brady, he’s won five Super Bowls, and he’s going to turn 41 years old in a few months. But to those concerned about the behind-the-scenes grumblings and disagreements, this nugget of information is likely to keep the flame burning a little brighter.

Absent any official word from Brady, the world is left to just speculate and ponder what exactly might be driving the quarterback to work out at Patriot Place while not working out with the Patriots. We don’t yet have that full answer. So for now, we can confirm: Things are weird.

UPDATE: WEEI’s Dale & Keefe refuted the report, saying Brady is “out of town.” If that’s the case, the weirdness is much lower. Perhaps we’ll get a definitive answer. We more likely will not.

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